The story so far . . .

Recently, Warner Brothers have been targetting some tricky miscreants. Their mighty legal machinery has brought its power to bear on, um, teenagers and pre-teens all over the world.

Because Harry Potter fan Claire Field had the temerity to register the domain ‘’ and to use it for a site dedicated to Harry Potter, Warner Brothers have told her that her site is “likely to cause consumer confusion or dilution of intellectual property rights” and have made some pretty serious threats of legal action unless Claire gives up the domain name.
Consumer confusion from the Harry Potter Guide site? Not on this planet, I suspect, but one never can tell with corporate lawyer types.

Similarly, Catherine Chang got grief in Singapore for her gall in registering She’s 15 years old, and a dedicated fan of the Harry Potter books.

Sung, the 12-year-old owner of has also had the attention of Warner Brothers’ legal team. Although we haven’t seen the letter about that, we can guess at its contents.

Ross and Peter, owners and webmasters of, are also the proud recipient of some interesting correspondence from Warner Brothers. They’re 13.

Tom set up and got a charming letter from Warners. He’s (wait for it!) 13.

This site is set up to protest at what’s being done to Harry Potter fans in the name of J K Rowling, and as an expression of support for everyone currently getting the third degree from Warners.

So far, J K Rowling has not commented. Joanne, Joanne – why have you forsaken us?